Wine Bottle Stoppers | Enamel Craft

Enamel Craft
 is a small family business dedicated to creating high quality hand crafted wooden wine bottle stoppers and cork holders. Founded by William Harris, who had always struggled to find bottle stoppers that weren’t mass produced and made of synthetic materials.

Wine stoppers

are made from premium quality materials, some of which have been chosen for not only their quality but also their individual characteristics. Our wooden wine stoppers will have their own unique traits thanks to the originality of the wood. The kiln fired enamel top is set into the finest maple wood. The superior graded Portuguese cork has been sealed and is inset for strength and durability. The tapered shape will fit and seal most bottle types including wine, spirits, soda, oil, water, even champagne!

Enamelled Designs

Over time, the business has grown to encompass a stylish collection of enamelled designs all of which make for beautiful gifts for a number of occasions including weddings, anniversaries and birthdays.

Personalised wine stoppers

"I love that so many of our customers choose to gift personalised wine stoppers to friends and loved ones, which is why so many of the stoppers can be custom made to provide an everlasting message"

So if your thinking of buying for family, friends or even yourself, browse the pages of the Bottle Stopper Store for some great gifting ideas.

Will Harris - Enamel Craft

     William Harris.